You have a company web domain picked out, now what?

If you have followed the tips on the first blog in this series, you have taken the first step and at least researched a few domain names to represent your company online.( So the following blogs will be designed to help you make informed decisions about your companies website.

But wait, don’t I need a place to host my website?
Every website needs a home. In this case, that “home” is a web hosting company. You basically lease space to host your website. It is inexpensive and part of doing business.

It is best to own your domain and hosting!
Buying your own hosting account before deciding on a web designer will help you protect your website and control your budget. Start with a lower tier plan from the same company that you have your domain with. By setting up the hosting account yourself, you have the ability to decide who has access to your website. 

You don’t need a middle man…
By setting up and automating payment on your domain and hosting account, you eliminate the opportunity to be overcharged for both by a web designer or firm. More importantly, you control your website, not a company you may choose to sever relationships with down the road.

Getting the best value in hosting and domain in one shot!
Many hosting companies are offering free domains when you acquire hosting! For example, as of today, (12.31.2013) GoDaddy’s middle plan is $5.99 mo for hosting and that includes a free domain. That is $72 a year for both do main and hosting. If you have some problems using a reputable companies website, most will not charge you for phone support to set up your domain and hosting account.

Suggested Course of Action:
Acquire both your domain and hosting account. Consider locking down both for 24 months and set a target fee of no more than $150 total. ($75 each year for two years)

Addendum – If offered a choice between Windows Server and Linux, Linux is suggested for modern content management systems. More on this in the next blog.

This post is based on the experience and research of John L. Wood – Digital Content Manager of the North Carolina Blueberry Council. It is designed to offer suggestions that members of the North Carolina Blueberry Council, can use to advanced discussions with their website and Internet-based marketing partners/teams.