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N.C Blueberry Annual Tradeshow Schedule Agenda

New Sponsors Added To January 14-15th, 2014 Event
Attached you will find the most current update of the agenda at the 48th Annual Open House sponsored by the North Carolina Blueberry Council in cooperation with NC State University and the NC Cooperative Extension.

Acadian Seaplants
Acadian Agritech is the producer of Stimplex crop biostimulant. Stimplex is a “PGR” or natural plant growth regulator. Stimplex It is registered with the environmental protection agency (EPA) as a general crop biostimulant.

Stimplex from Acadian Agritech contains naturally occurring compounds that stimulate plant growth. Stimplex is a complex matrix of vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, organic acids, complexe minerals, macro nutrients, micro nutrients and plant growth biostimulants. Stimplex is derived from Ascophyllum nodosum, seaweed that is very efficient extracting nutrients from the seawater in which it grows. This makes Simplex a valuable resource to enhance root and plant growth by helping improve crop production.

Gourmet Trading Company


As a bicoastal importer of berries and asparagus, we are positioned to handle products quickly to ensure absolute freshness. We load trucks around the clock, seven days a week, at our facilities in Miami and Los Angeles. After a rapid turnaround, we send them to nearby LAX or MIA with shipments bound for air freight or to the Los Angeles and Miami produce districts for drop shipments or consolidation. We also load product FOB (New Jersey ; McAllen, TX; Calexico and Salinas, CA; and Pasco, WA).

Updated Open House Agenda
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