Quick Marketing Tips For Blueberry Industry Websites

Updates On Search Engines & Audience Building Strategies
These tips are designed to help members improve their website and social media marketing efforts.

Google Makes Major Changes In Search Engine Ranking

On April 21, 2015, Google updated the search engine algorithm that determines how a website is ranked. This update is unique because it not only focused on content, but website function. In particular, this latest update rewards websites that are “mobile responsive”. Google specifically noted that websites which are not yet mobile responsive may see their search engine ranking negatively impacted under the new algorithms.

Call to action:
Redesign websites to be “Mobile-First” – No longer will it be enough that your website “looks good” on mobile devices. Instead, your website must deploy in a format that recognizes smart phones, tablets and other mobile computing devices.
Member Option:
Members of the North Carolina Blueberry Council can arrange for a $59 Website Performance Review. This is a thorough website review that includes a PDF report of general performance issues and additional comments as necessary based on reviewing Alexa and other website performance data. This is 50% off normal price and is available for verified members of the North Carolina Blueberry Council, Inc.
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Building A Loyal Audience Online

Are You Using Social Media & Fresh Content to Build a “Loyal Audience”?
Chances are when it comes to getting traffic to your website, all you hear about is “search engine optimization”. Well if Google’s propensity to “update” its search engine algorithm teaches you one thing, it is you will never optimize your website to suit search engine programmers. There is a reason for that, search engines like Google are increasingly under pressure to cater to website owners that are willing to pay their website to the top of the search engine hits. Search Engine Optimization is important, but the overriding concern of any website owner should be building a loyal audience.

SEO Should Be Automatic

Well written and interesting website content should be organically search engine friendly. For example the press has “AP-Style” writing, well, website owners and content managers need to write “SEO-Style”. Instead of funding search engine optimization after the fact, website pages, content, and images should be published in a style that is organically friendly to search engine algorithms. Of course that is balanced with a focus on building a loyal audience.

Tips on Building A Loyal Audience

In most cases of creating web and social media, building a “Loyal Audience” is your primary goal. Hopefully the tips below will help you understand the concept of building a loyal audience.
1. Always create high quality content that is of interest to your existing and potential clients.
– Get to the point with benefit-focused content designed to excite and reward your audience. Benefits, that is, “what X does for you” helps your audience see the value in engaging your content. Features are cool, but all sweet blueberries are blue.
– Dull, off-topic or dated content is an audience killer. Instead of going to sleep, the audience just goes away and in most cases, won’t come back.
2. Deliver that content in a timely, consistent manner.
– Pick a schedule to update your content and stick to it. Meet your audience’s expectations and they will stick around. Loyal audiences will subscribe so as to be notified when new content is available. (i.e. news, offer, coupon etc…)
3. Share this content on social platforms your audience uses.
– Put your content where your audience hangs out. Network your main online web asset,  typically your website, to harvest a known, potential audience in social media. That is easier than trying to find a random new audience member on a search engine.
4. Focused content builds a passionate audience.
– See #1! Content should be designed to stimulate and that means hunting the “P” spot. “In this case, “P” is the new “g” spot, but they are both designed to excite, satisfy and impress. All things necessary to get someone’s attention over and over.
5.  Respond to feedback or comments.
– Engage those who engage your content! Whether it be social media, a company support forum, post comment or local SEO resource, (i.e. Yelp, Google Places, Facebook, etc), promptly engage those willing to engage you. That rates as a beginning of a conversation these days!*

Summary: Keep it short and fun.

* Of course this includes a mass dose of tact, common sense and courtesy. Feedback and comment management is a fine art and can build or break an online reputation. In the case of LOCAL SEO, i.e., web-based third party rating applications such as Yelp, Angie’s List, BBB, Google Places and others, “deal with the real”. For every real audience engagement, there will be spam, anonymous and harassing feedback. Learn to “flush” quietly.

This post is based on the experience and research of John L. Wood – Digital Content Manager of the North Carolina Blueberry Council. It is designed to offer suggestions that members of the North Carolina Blueberry Council, can use to advanced discussions with their website and Internet-based marketing partners/teams.