Working Together To Grow the Blueberry Industry in NC

The history of blueberries in North Carolina is one of cooperation between producers, researchers, and governmental agencies. History has shown that what goes well for North Carolina blueberries generally is good for blueberries in other states. North Carolina has been fundamental to the success of the high bush blueberry industry since the first commercial crops were planted near Atkinson, NC in 1936. Adding your voice to the North Carolina Blueberry Council, helps keep the USA blueberry industry on the cutting edge of healthy and clean food. Even better, the blueberry a “superfood”, native to the USA!

Ultimately the North Carolina Blueberry Council believes that American consumers prefer American-produced foods. American consumers want peace of mind when it comes to food safety and availability. American consumers are increasingly raising their level of awareness when it comes to healthy foods. Every year research is proving that blueberries offer specific health benefits. By joining your voice to the membership, you help build a stronger industry around blueberries!

Whether you are a grower, packer, educator, researcher, or just a fan of the mighty blueberry, become part of the solution to a better, stronger blueberry industry nationwide. Finally, wherever you grow, pack, educate, research, or even just eat blueberries, your membership in the North Carolina Blueberry Council can be part of making a difference in spreading the goodness of blueberries!