Membership | North Carolina Blueberry Council, Inc.

Your Membership Strengthens The Blueberry Industry in NC!

Be part of an organization that is focused to improve North Carolina’s blueberry industry. Being a member of the North Carolina Blueberry Council, gives you another voice in improving how blueberries are grown, packed, shipped, and used in production.

Furthermore, North Carolina is home to of NC State University, which in partnership with A&T State University, is focused on improving all aspects of blueberries from the farm to the retailer. What is good for North Carolina blueberries is also good for blueberries across the USA.

Although our primary focus is North Carolina, membership is open to any interested party that has a stake in, or will be expanding into blueberries! You are encouraged to join whether you are a grower, producer, packer, educator, researcher or retailer with an interest in blueberries. Many of the resources that we will share will help your blueberry-related business regardless of location.

How To Join The North Carolina Blueberry Council, Inc.

Joining is simple and affordable. It starts by downloading the Membership Registration Form(PDF) (2017 Update). Fill out and mail the simple form along with the appropriate annual membership fee.

Are you a vendor interested in joining your voice with members to support a stronger blueberry industry? Use this Vendor Membership Form (2017 Update) to join us!

For more information or to be invoiced or pay by credit card, you can reach out via our Online Contact Form or call Brenda at 864-246-4560.