Important Member News – July 2016

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Press Release – Meet Our New Executive Director & Trade Show Manager

New Management Team Leading The North Carolina Blueberry Council!

The North Carolina Blueberry Council announces a new management team that will carry on the mission to represent the interests of NC blueberry producers and supporting industries. We welcome Brenda Park as Executive Director and Ginger Hubner as Trade Show Manager.

We also thank Julie Woodcock who tirelessly championed blueberries on every relevant front from government to local small businesses that support North Carolina Blueberries. Julie Woodcock’s dedication and persistence to the Blueberry industry and the North Carolina Open House & Trade Show, has been fundamental to the mission of the North Carolina Blueberry Council. Again, thank you Julie Woodcock. ENJOY YOUR RETIREMENT!
New Contact Information & Official Press Release

USHBC Fall Meeting – October 5-, 2016 Philadelphia, PA

Dates for the US Highbush Blueberry Council Annual Meeting Announced
We will share information as posted or forwarded. Current PDF link is for the hotel reservations. For more information on the USHBC Fall Meeting call: 916-983-0111.
Event registration will be via EventBrite, will also share link when that is finalized.
Reservation Information

A Billion Pounds….

(Cue bald-headed movie villain..)
According to The Packer, US Blueberry production could approach 1 billion pounds by 2019. The “blueberry” in this article for NC Blueberry producers is the mention that Americans are twice as likely to buy blueberries as they were in 2004.
Read Full Post By A. Nelson On The Packer

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Please Update Your North Carolina Blueberry Council Contact Information!

NC Blueberry Council Executive Director

Brenda C. Park
Executive Director
Office – (864) 246-4560
Mobile – (864) 313-4412

2017 Trade Show Contact Information

Ginger Hubner
Trade Show Manager
Office – (919) 708-5646
Mobile – (919) 349-5696
Attention Members. If you want more information about the USA’s fastest growing blueberry industry trade show, reach out to Ginger. January is not that far away. We expect an even better 51st North Carolina Blueberry Open House & Trade Show next January (2017)