North Carolina Fruit and Vegetable Growers

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

Produce Safety Rule GROWERS Training
Please answer the following questions to determine if you need to attend these upcoming training sessions

⇒ Do you grow only for personal or on farm consumption?
⇒ Do you sell less than $26,632 in produce annually?
⇒ Do you only grow and sell these crops?
Asparagus, Beans (black, northern, kidney, lima, navy, pinto), Beets, Cashews, Cherries (sour), Chickpeas, Cocoa beans, Coffee beans, Collards, Corn (sweet), Cranberries, Dates, Dill (seeds and weed), Eggplants, Figs, Ginger, Hazelnuts, Horseradish, Lentils, Okra, Peanuts, Pecans, Peppermint, Potatoes, Pumpkins, Squash (winter), Sweet potatoes, Water chestnuts
⇒ Do you only grow produce that will be commercially processed in a manner that kills pathogens?

If you answered YES to one of these questions you are exempt from this training requirement.
If you answered NO, please continue reading.

  1. Are your farm’s annual food sales less than $ 500,000? (Food is defined by FDA as items for food or drink for people and animals or any component to make it).
  2. Do you sell >50% of your annual food sales to restaurants and retail food establishments (including direct to store sales) located in your same state OR within a 275 mile radius of your farm; AND/OR consumers through direct marketing (such as internet sales, farmers markets, community supported agriculture, etc.)?

If you answered YES to BOTH 1 and 2, your farm is eligible for a qualified exemption and you are not required to attend this training.
If you answered NO to one or both items, continue reading.

Are the food sales from your farm..
(Food is articles used for food or drink for man or animals, or articles used to make components of it).

⇒ Over $532,645 annually? If yes, your compliance date is January 26, 2018.
⇒ Less than $532,645 but more than $250,000? If yes, your compliance date is January 26, 2019.
⇒ Less than $250,000 but more than $25,000? If yes, your compliance date is January 26, 2020.

If you made it to this section, the Produce Safety Rule requires your farm to have at least one supervisor or responsible party attend a PSA Grower training by the compliance date

Description and Registration for the Produce Safety Rule Growers Training Courses in N. Carolina

Visit: to register for this class.

Participant Preparation
It is expected that participants have some food safety knowledge in Good agricultural practices (GAPs) and food safety audits, before attending this training.

Elena Rogers
Area Specialized Agent Food Safety
Fresh Produce Western NC
Mobile (828)352-2519

Chip Simmons
Area Specialized Agent Food Safety
Fresh Produce Eastern NC
Office (919) 515-6756
Mobile (919) 414-5632