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Brenda C. Park
Executive Director

North Carolina Blueberry Council, Inc
Office – (864) 246-4560 / Mobile – (864) 313-4412
NC Blueberry Open House & Trade Show Update (NEW URL)
We will soon have more information on the 2017 (51st) Open House & Trade Show, including lodging. Stay tuned for updates. If you plan to attend the 51st Open House & Trade Show AND are a Facebook user, Like the dedicate page to keep in touch. We are also posting relevant blueberry industry alerts on this page between newsletters.

Drought Didn’t Appear To Negatively Impact Maine’s Wild Blueberry Crop

Dry weather may have spooked many of Maine’s blueberry producers, but it did not scare away another harvest in excess of 100 million pounds! (Read More)

Expanding your farm’s opportunities world-wide could be as simple as a conversation with Gourmet Trading! Email for more info at:

Spring Valley EcoFarms – Sustainable Approach To Blueberry Farming – Georgia

Conventional, for-profit farm is also rooted in researching sustainable blueberry farming practices. Experience leads to commercial success in sustainable farming practices (Read More)

International Blueberry News: Peru

Peru expects export volume of 13,000 tons, which is 160% higher than previous harvest. (Read More)

International Blueberry News: Australia

Coconut Coir leads to higher yields for Australian blueberry growers. (Read More)
Re-emergence of blueberry rust threatens Tasmanian blueberries. (Read More)

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