Supporting North Carolina’s Blueberries & Your Health!

We Want You To Eat More North Carolina Blueberries!
official logo North Carolina Blueberry Council, Inc.Blueberries are just plain good food, so our mission is a win-win situation. We help you find creative ways to increase your consumption of blueberries, while helping blueberry producers in North Carolina find better ways to grown the awesome little blueberry!

Everything is better with North Carolina Blueberries!

Excerpts From the Official Strategic Plan
(Draft 30 Nov 2011)
“The North Carolina Blueberry Council is a non-profit corporation created to:

“Promote efficient production, packing, handling, storing, processing, and marketing of blueberries and to secure and distribute to its members information and trends relative to the operation and management of the blueberry business.”

“Promote research work for the purpose of discovering and developing better, or new varieties, methods of production, packing, handling, storing, processing, marketing, and disease control.”

“Promote through advertising, service work, merchandising, tours, and any other means, the enjoyable consumption of North Carolina blueberries.”


OFFICERS Of The North Carolina Blueberry Council:

Ralph Carter Jr., President (2019)
6504 Hwy 701 North
White Lake, NC 28337
Phone: (910) 862-2732 (O)
(910) 874-1444 (C)

Chris Barnhill, Vice-President (2017)
Blueberry Hill Farms
582 Barnhill Blueberry Lane
Ivanhoe, NC 28447
Phone: (910) 669-2401
(910) 872-9399 (C)

Willie Moore, Secretary-Treasurer
3550 Ivanhoe Road
Ivanhoe, NC 28447
Phone: (910) 532-4291
(910) 385-8401 (C)

DIRECTORS of the North Carolina Blueberry Council (Term ending):

Dale Smith (2019)
4253 Old Fayetteville Rd.
Garland, NC 28441
Phone: (910) 588-4749
(910) 874-2299 (C)

Sam Harrell (2018)
3500 Hwy 133
Rocky Point, NC 28457
Phone: (910) 675-2394
(910) 620-4712 (C)

Sam Rose (2018)
1418 Bay Tree Dr.
Harrells, NC 28444
Phone: (910) 669-2624

H. Neil Moore (2017)
3550 Ivanhoe Rd
Ivanhoe, NC 28447
Phone: (910) 532-2210
(910) 385-8403